Upper Dolpo Trekking

Upper Dolpo Trekking

Upper Dolpo Trekking

Shey Gomba is Name of the femosh Ministries in north western part of Nepal. This is located northern part of Dolpo is usually called Upper Dolpo has Long had an aura of mysysical discussions of the region in peter Matheson's book the Leopard.Shey was closed to foreigners until 1992.

One story cites the reason for closure as the large-scale theft of the statues from the monasteries several years ago. So for this trekking we need special permit.

Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and Juphat than trek flow the Bheri River to Do-Trap and you entrance to restated area to shey Gompa (upper Dolpo) than you do around trip to shey Phoksundo Lake one of the famous lake in Nepal, and though Juphal.

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Detail Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu Airport.

You will be greeted by our representative and taken to the Hotel. Your first night you will spend in Kathmandu.

Day 02: Kathmandu Sightseeing
After having breakfast we will take you sightseeing around Kathmandu valley. You will visit many Buddhist and Hindu temple which reflect the local culture and tradition of Nepalese society. In the afternoon we will return to the hotel.

Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj (1 hour fly) to Juphal (35 minutes fly).

Day 04: Juphal to Dunai (2150m)
The trail descends to the large village of Dangi Bhara and to Kala Gaura. The trail now remains close to the river on its south bank and reach to Roop Ghar with the water mill and simple lodges and finally reach to Dunai, large village with school, police check post and government office.

Day 05: Dunai to Tarakot (2550m)
Following the trail eastward along the south bank of the Thulo Bheri and crossing north bank beyond Dunai and then south bank reach to Lawan finally reach to Tarakot. 
Day 06: Tarakot to Khanigaon (2550m)
After a few ups and downs, you will cross the high suspension bridge at 2560m. Just above the bridge you will see Tarap Chu joins the Barbung Khola and then reach to Khanigaon, the village complete with Gompa.

Day 07: Khanigaon to Chukore (about 3550m)
From Khanigaon the trail leads to Lihini. Now the trail forwards sometimes on stone stairways and sometimes on a twisting bare-earth and reaches to the high point about 3650m. From here the trail slops down to Chukore.

Day 08: Chukore to Kamokharka (4000m)
Beyond Chukore the trail slopes down to Naurpani. Crossing several streams and bridges, passing the series of low caves the trail slopes down into the large yak pasture of Kamokharka.

Day 09: Kamokharka to Dho (4130m)
From Kamokharka the trail set off across the meadow crossing several little streams and wooden bridge. Along line of Mani walls leads to the village. Finally you will reach to Dho.

Day 10: Dho to Numa La Camp (4350m)
Head west out of Dho passing stone houses then you will reach the Crystal Mountain School. Beyond the school the trail leads uphill to the Tok-Khyu village (4180m). Then the trail crosses the Tarap Khola and finally reaches to Numa La Camp.

Day 11: Numa La Camp to Bang La Camp (4500m)
The route crosses a small stream and makes a long climb along a moraine to Numa La (5318m).From the pass on a clear day you will see the Shey Shikar (6139m), Kenjeralwa and Dhaulagiri I (8169m). Descend from the pass into the U-shaped rocky valley and reach to Bang La Camp.

Day 12: Bang La Camp to Sanu Bheri Valley
The trail crosses the stream then climbs a slope and reach to Poyun Chu Valley and to Banga La (5190m). Dewscend from the pass and cross the stream and slant down the right-hand mountainside, finally reach to Sanu Bheri Valley.

Day 13: Sanu Bheri valley to Phoksundo Lake (3730m)
The trail downs to the meadow then descend into a forest reach to the yak pasture. Trek through more meadows, forest, and yak pasture then climb on a high Cliffside trail to a ridge at 3780m. There are the good views across the valley to the huge waterfall formed by the Phoksundo Lake. Then the trail descends gently through a blue pine forest and reaches to Ringmo (3730m) and near to the shores of Phoksundo Lake.

Day 14: Phoksundo Lake to Pungmo Valley (3304m)
From Phoksundo Lake the trail you will take the down valley trail through meadows and reaches a high p [point about 377om and descends very steeply to Palam (3230m) and then to Sumduwa where you will see the National park head quarters. The trail continues on the right bank of Pungmo Khola, finally reach to Pungmo Valley. O/N at Pungmo Valley.

Day 15: Pungmo Valley to Lasa Meadow (about 4300m)
The trail slopes down through trees to the riverside and comes to a chorten at the confluence of two streams. At around 400m you will see the band of rhododendrons.  In the way the wedge peak is no longer seen but the mass of Kanjelaruwa can bee seen clearly. The trail climbs and reaches to Lasa Meadow.

Day 16: Lasa Meadow to Garpung khola Valey (4000m)
From Lasa Meadow the trail climbs up with magnificent views and finally reaches to Kagmara La. From Karmara La the trail descends quite steep and came to the head of Garpung Khola valley and finally reach to the camping area of Garpung Khola Valley.

Day 17: Garpung Khola Valley to Hurikot (2600m)
The trail forward following down the Garpung Khola Valley and descending quite steeply you come to a bridge and to Toljem (2920m) where you can see the army check-post. Just below the check-post cross the Jagdula Khola and walking sometimes you will reach to Hurikot, a collection of somber grey, flat-roofed.

Day 18: Hurikot to Forest Camp (3250m)
Passing Kaigaon, Majgaon, and Rimi you will pass through the dense forest of holly oak, bamboo and tree juniper. After then you will reach to Chaurikot, a medium sized Khamoa village. Crossing several minor streams in the forest you will reach to Forest Camp.

Day 19: Forest Camp to Churta (3010m)
Leaving Mauria Bhanjyang descends among the rhododendrons and into the forest of birch, pine and oak you will reach the settlement of Naphukana. About 20-25 minutes later crossing side stream you will reach to Churta, a Tibetan village.

Day 20: Churta to Jumla (2370m)
Leaving Mani Sangu you will reach to Gothi Chaur.  From here the trail climbs to Pattyata Lagna (2830m) and to Dochal Ghara.  The trail descends gently in a fertile valley and crosses the river and finally reaches to Jumla. O/N at Jumla.

Day 21: Jumla to Kathmandu
You have a scenic fly from Jumla to Kathmandu.

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