River Rafting in Nepal

River Rafting in Nepal

Nepal is a fast-flowing rivers paradise which offers such a choice of rafting or kayaking in such magnificent mountain surroundings, with warm rivers, a semi-tropical climate, impressive geography, exotic cultures, wildlife and friendly welcoming people. The majestic abundance of high mountain theatre of glacial streams flowing down to make the tributaries and source of every river system of Nepal is undeniable. It has thus led to open up a gateway of various outdoor water sports in Nepal with rafting trips leading the way. Nepal boasts some of the world’s best rafting rivers. River rafting in Nepal adventure sport is no doubt the second most sought outdoor thriller after trekking.

Nepal has earned a reputation as one of the best destinations in the world for white water rafting. Nepal's thundering waters, coming from the glaciers of the mighty Himalaya, provide unmatched thrills for rafter. On these Nepal Rivers you will find the world's most thrilling whitewater with a wide range of difficulties, warm water and bug free beaches for camping. Nepal river rafting is one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to experience the life of rural areas & spectacular scenery of nature's beauty. Rafting of Nepalese rivers is one of the best ways to explore a typical cross section of natural as well as ethno cultural heritage in the country. Nepal rafting also offers sparkling panorama of high mountain peaks, dense vegetations and mysterious wilderness as its backdrop unfolds irresistible challenges and adventure.

The Himalayan country Nepal has varieties of river choices besides the Himalayan beautiful mountain ranges. There are numerous rivers in Nepal which offer excellent rafting and canoeing experiences. All major rivers created from the Himalayas and running down the mountains offers tremendous exciting experience of white Water rafting. Here are many rivers to explore rafting reality Like Trishuli River, Seti River, Bhote Koshi River, Kali Gandaki River, Marsyangdi River, Sun Koshi River, Arun River, Karnali River, Tamur River are major river for Rafting. River rafting is graded as easy Grade 2 to difficult Grade 5. You can find the one fits your needs.

Best time for Rafting
October through mid-December and March through early May are the best time for rafting. In this time you will have great mountains views, clear sky and rewarding natural scenery. In winter it is possible but you have to watch out for hypothermia. In this time you certainly should expect cold water and perhaps think in terms of wet suits and dry tops. Monsoon time is dangerous which brings heavy rains that flood the rivers most so people wouldn't want to be kayaking or rafting at this time.

Nepal River Rafting Grades

Whitewater Rivers have an internationally recognized grading scale as follows:

Grade I - Flat water, (little current)
These types of rivers are flat and slow moving. A river with a 1 grade listed will have some flat spots. A completely 1 graded river will be totally flat. This kind of river is good for sightseeing and relaxing.

Grade II - Bubbling current (small rapid)
A grade II river has a swifter current and some small rapids

Grade III - Technical & Exciting (needs trained guide)
In a Grade III river, the rapids are becoming more serious and technical. Grade III and above can only be rafted with trained guides. This is a fun river with lots of excitement

Grade IV - Seriously big rapids
This is where the adrenaline gets going; grade IV River has a fast moving current with many big drops and rapids. This kind of river is action packed and needs technical paddling.

Grade V - The hair-raising limit!
This is a serious river not for the faint hearted, with a torrent like current and huge rapids this is the ultimate in white water adventures.

Grade VI – Unrunable

Please note that most rivers contain more than one grading. For example a grade I - IV river will contain elements of all four grades, flat spots, slower small rapids and some big fast rapids. The grade also varies depending on the season and the amount of water running down the river.

Your safety is our main concern for the rafting. Prior to going on the water, our guides will give you a complete safety talk and demonstration of how to deal with any situation that might occur whilst on the river. Of course you will be supplied with and required to wear a helmet and life jacket at all times. Our guides make the trip fun for you but at the same time they do not take unnecessary risks. Though on some rivers we run high class rapids, they all within the limits of our guides. Our guides all highly qualified and experienced allowing them to give you the thrills of the river in safety. Of course there are occasions when accidents do happen, that is why our guides have full first aid training and know how to handle such situations. Safety comes first in everything we do.

The Guide
All our guides are skilled outdoorsmen, superb chefs and great companions. Apart from their river skill, our guides love what they do and their good humor and ready smiles are sited as one of the highlights of the trip. Our guides are trained to international standards and have spent several years rowing for leading rafting companies.

Touching Mountain has many programs of the rafting which can meet your needs, you can enjoy the exciting trip and beautiful view on the way with our professional service.

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