Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding is a relatively new adventure sport in Nepal, and is the simplest, safest and least expensive way of discovering the joys of flying alone to experience the aerial views of the magnificent Himalayas. Sarangkot, at 1,592 m above Lakeside in Pokhara Valley, is the jumping off point for paragliders. From here, one can take in stunning views of three of the world’s Eight Thousanders, namely, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu.

It is surrounded by the grandest scenery on earth is an inspiring experience. Float over mystery, shrouded monasteries and ancient places, beautiful turquoise lakes, ranging Himalayan rivers, exotic jungle and village forgotten by time. Like Bungee Jumping and Hot-Air Ballooning, Paragliding is also a new to Nepal. Yet, Para-Gliding was an instant hit among the tourists the year it was first launched. Paragliding in Nepal can be a truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for the adventure seeker. Since the 'Fall of Vicarious', the men have always wanted to have their own wings. And as God is yet to be that generous, paragliding tries to fulfill that dream to some extent. And that is why; it is such a craze in Nepal. After all, who doesn't want to share his airspace with Griffin Vultures and Kites while smoothly gliding over villages, lakes and jungle with the dazzling and intimidating Himalayan peaks in the background. It involves a pilot flying with a passenger. Both of them have separate harness that is attached to each other and the wing. Paragliding harness are built for comfort and safety, they feel more like an arm chair. After take-off the passenger just sits back, relaxes and takes in the epic scenery. Even taking picture is not a problem. Para gliders can foot launch and gently foot land again and are very portable. We can take them anywhere and fly from most mountains in Nepal.

As far as Gliding is a weather dependent sport that is why various aspects like vapor, drizzle and wind is kept in mind before the flight. Like other sports such as Bungee and Hot-Air Ballooning, the flying season in Nepal commences from November and ends around February. The best months though, are November and December. The takes off point for the majority of these paragliding flights is Sarankot that is at the height of 6000 feet. The flight will give you a panoramic view of sunrise and sunset in Himalayas depending upon the weather conditions. The descent is near the magnificent Phewa Lake.


Best Climate condition and best season

The high rainfall in the summer and the latitude of the country means that the tree line is at an incredible 3900m Climate makes Nepal such a great place to fly. With a subtropical climate there are no current or valley winds, it is pure flask flying, milder than late summer alpine conditions. Once the monsoon has left the conditions are critically unvarying.

The season for paragliding in Nepal start from early October until the beginning of May. The most accepted months are November, December and January, because of the fantastic reliable weather throughout this time.


Paragliding spectator sport in Nepal

The main spot for paragliding in Nepal is the Annapurna region, more particularly the Pokhara valley. This lakeside town is Nepal's second "city", nestle at the foot of the Annapurna Himal, the views command from here, of 3 of the worlds 8000m peaks and are unmatched at an altitude of 800m above the sea level. The micro-climate of the valley makes it an perfect spot for flying, with distant more unvarying conditions than the Kathmandu valley 150km east.


Sarankot Ridge

There are various spots around Phewa Lake but the majority accessible is Sarankot 1500m. Above the sea level view point 700m above Pokhara, it is only one of its kinds in that it has a street running to the top. A little walk brings you to the only reason build take off in the country. Cut out of the slope is a 45m by 45m clearing. With regular cycles providing easy reverse launches, you could not ask for a more picturesque site. With the lake 2000ft below, the mountains behind this has rapidly become the main site for the area, and many pilots have based themselves in Pokhara for the season, flying from this mountain on your own.


Sarankot Takeoff

There are great quantities of other sites around the valley but all need to be walked up. With names such as Dikie Danda, Devi Falls, Poomdi and Matepani, all can be linked by air from Sarankot.


The Green Wall and Dickie Danda

The sheer jungle is the next fantastic site that makes your paragliding so impressive that roofed mountain over 2700m. It is Home to the plenty of wildlife and waterfalls. You can journey next to, scaring troop of monkeys screaming at you from their tree only inches from your wing tip, or ride the face and fly from side to side the cover of a 300ft waterfall.

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